Our company, brilliantly led from its foundation in 1993 to today, has begun a new course in the name of continuity, organizational strengthening and development, to be ready to face the new challenges of the agricultural machinery market of fourth range harvesting, soil preparation and transplanting.

Mr. Livio Marchiori, Chairman, together with the new Board of Directors made up of Antonio Gallo and Luca Casotto, Massimo Zubelli and Tarcisio Pagnozzi, represent the new shareholding structure which will lead, together with the longstanding management of HORTECH, a further way of growth and development in Italy and abroad. All this thanks to the skills that have been consolidated in all HORTECH staff over the years.

We aim to further grow the company and make the HORTECH brand a high-profile party, able to increasingly satisfy the professionals of the reference segment. The strategic project places the company as a fundamental pillar of this new industrial group, larger and ready to immediately present itself as the first European pole for agricultural machinery dedicated to the harvesting of vegetables as well as to position itself in the medium term as a leader in the specialized agricultural machinery sector.

A great new adventure begins for HORTECH in the name of development and continuous innovation.

We are ready to take up the challenge and the opportunity and we are certain that this is the case for everyone, no one excluded!