In the production of vegetables we have the right machine to work all types of ground.


In the vegetables production, the soil preparation is the first and most important step to obtain a high quality product. Hortech is able to offer a complete range of agricultural machines, that includes bed-former, bed former stone burier and mulch system layer. Thanks to these new products , Hortech ensures the right solution for all customers’ requirements and for all kind of soil.
Hortech is a company specialized in agricultural machinery for soil preparation, including bed-formers.
Bed-formers and cultivators are ideal for efficiently and precisely processing the soil, thanks to their ability to create clean beds and edges.
Hortech also offers mulching machines, which are particularly useful for preparing the soil for mulch cultivation. Thanks to their ability to evenly distribute mulch on the soil, these agricultural machines guarantee high-quality soil preparation.
Choosing the right machinery for soil preparation is essential to obtain a quality harvest, and Hortech is the ideal partner for every need. Contact Hortech for more information on machinery for soil preparation and innovative solutions offered by the company.


The bed-former AF SUPER allows to work deeply the soil without changing its own natural structure. The teeth of the back rotor shatter the most superficial clods and move the…
Medium texture Sandy Clay
Bed former milling machine Hortech


The bed-former stone burier AI MAXI is a good solution for the heavy and stony soils. It works on flat ground or it can make beds. It can be used…
Stony Medium texture Sandy Clay


The bed-former stone burier AI MAXI DG is an optimal solution for the preparation of heavy and wet soils. This machine is the AI MAXI evolution. The double grill made…
Stony Medium texture Sandy Clay


The bed former AB shapes the bed through a system with shares and presses the soil with a roller. The strong frame makes the machine suitable to work on any…
Medium texture Sandy


Perfecta is the new soil preparation machine, with the same working system of the stone burier (model AI MAXI), or better, with a blade rotor assembled in the front of the…
Stony Medium texture Sandy Clay
Mulch system layer


Adjustable machine, optimal to lay the plastic, cellulosic or biodegradable  film. It is available in two models: P140 for a max. film width 140 cm, P190 for a max. width…
Stony Medium texture Sandy Clay